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Teegle the Beagle™
Officer O'Smiley and his Safety Friends™

Teegle the Beagle™ meets the Little Birdie

Teegle the Beagle™ is an animated children’s storybook about the adventures of a curious and good little puppy named Teegle™ who helps save a little bird and is based on a true story. See the credits at the end of the video for photos of the real beagle and baby bird.

Kids can read along at the bottom of the screen as the story illustrations come alive through the magic of animation. 

Officer O'Smiley and his Safety Friends™

Officer O'Smiley™ and his Safety Friends

Officer O’Smiley and his Safety Friends™ is a series of animated children’s storybooks about the adventures of a friendly police officer, firefighter and paramedic as they help teach kids about safety and good behavior in Happy Town USA. Kids can read along and learn lessons on staying safe in a fun animated format.